Reasons the Keto Diet Is Not For You.

Keto diet has become the best choice in dieting alternatives in recent times. You might have probably heard about it from your beloved celebrity or seen a friend or relative show their results on social media, the conversations surrounding the ways the keto diet can work seem to be countless. But like everything, this keto diet has negative sides too.

So if you’ve started your keto journey and you notice that it has been ineffective for you or if you’re thinking about getting started, here are a few reasons the keto diet might not be for you.

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1. You’re Pregnant

In order to remain in the keto diet, you need to curb out grains and veggies, which are though higher in carbohydrate but contains lots of important prenatal vitamins like folate that are very necessary to your baby’s well being.

It is advised that pregnant women should stay away from any fancy diet, including the keto diet.  It’s always a good idea to curb out processed carbohydrates, but pregnant women shouldn’t be limiting fruits and vegetables to lose weight.

2. You’re A Vegan

Keto diet needs you to avoid fruits, vegetables, and grains which are all staples of a vegan diet. While it’s not impossible to follow a keto diet as a vegetarian, it’s quite difficult to do it right.

Vegans will have a tough time getting adequate iron, vitamin B-12, choline, and protein on a keto diet.

If you’re faithful to your vegan diet, you can still benefit from curbing out on processed carbs and sugar. Become closely attached to your fruits, veggies, and whole foods to lose weight in a very healthy way.

3. You’re Not Willing To Do The Work.

I have seen people order burgers, throw the bun, and then call it keto. That’s not how the diet works. If you embrace a ketogenic diet, you need to be very conscious of your saturated fat consumption, which can also cause heart problems.

4. You’ve Had an Eating Disorder

Even though a keto diet doesn’t limit calories, it makes you think about food. Always read labels, plan ahead, and limit yourself in social situations and that can be detrimental to eating disorder recovery.

It is advised that anyone with a history of disordered eating should speak to a registered dietician before starting a ketogenic diet. The registered dietician can help you achieve your goal without following a limiting diet that could harm your recovery.

A registered dietician can also assess if you’re stable enough in recovery to hold such a choice and observe your nutrition needs to help make sure you don’t fall back into the eating disorder.

5. You’ve Had Kidney Stones

According to the National Kidney Foundation, One in 10 people will have a kidney stone at some point and a keto diet could raise your risk of having it.

Some people take in more protein on a keto diet, which has been thought to raise uric acid levels (a part of kidney stones) and lower citrate levels (a substance that inhibits kidney stones)

6. Athletic Performance Is a Priority

People on a keto diet did poorly on high-intensity exercise than those on a high-carbohydrate diet.  If there is any change to your diet, be sure to talk with your general practitioner first if you’re thinking about switching to keto.

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What Other Diet Option Can I Try?

If you’ve had enough of keto, you have other good options you can try. We made a thorough research on these options, It’s confirmed to be very healthy and might work for you. Here are three other diets you can consider: The Mediterranean Diet, Weight Watchers, and the Flexitarian diet.

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