How to prepare Edikaikong Soup

Edikaikong soup is a Nigerian popular soup which has topped the list of Nigerian popular soups because of it’s nutritional value and ease preparation. This soup is native to the Efiks, people from cross river state in Nigerian, the western part of Africa. The name Edikaikong simply translates to “vegetable soup”.

Most Nigerians make more Edikaikong soup than every other soup simply because it is likely the best source of vitamins to them.

Here are all the ingredients for making the Nigerian Edikaikong soup, you can use any quantity of your choice depending on how much people you want to feed.


  • Vegetable
  • Water leaf
  • Palm oil
  • Maggi
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Grated Crayfish
  • Stock fish
  • Meat


  • Wash your meat thoroughly with salt and water. put in a pot and add Maggi, pepper, and salt with little water. Steam on a low heat for 5mins to make it tender.
  • Wash your stock fish with warm water and add to the boiling meat stock and allow it to boil for about 10mins
  • Wash and slice your vegetable and water leaf.
  • Put the sliced vegetable into a dry pot and cover to make it soft. Then add Maggi, pepper and grated crayfish to make it taste.
  • Add little salt and then add your already prepared meat stock.
  • Finally add Palm oil and allow it to Steam for some minutes.

Your nutritious Edikaikong Soup is ready to serve, you can eat with pounded yam, wheat meal, Nigerian fufu and the likes. The only disadvantage to this soup is that it loses its nutritional value when refrigerated for a long period of time. so it is advisable to make what would be enough for few days.

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